Solutions for Those Who Often Spree and Save A Little


Do you know the following words?


Yes, these words have become part of the lifestyle of middle-class urban capital and other big cities. It is not difficult to find practice in the real world, so easy to find middle-class urbanites in places that are popular. Not infrequently they update locations and photos on social media accounts. The media used to update or take photos is of course also with the latest gadgets that cannot be outdated.

As a result, many people often spree, buy things that should not be needed, but only want to be considered and / or look up-to-date. Today’s urbanites have not prioritized saving culture. All the money in the pocket is immediately spent pursuing a consumptive lifestyle so that it saves a little. Those who do not have enough cash usually rely on credit cards. The nightmare just started when the ‘gift’ from the bank arrived at the end of the month, especially if it wasn’t a credit card bill. For those who cannot afford it, they can be trapped in a mounting pile of debt.

The solution that can be done so that money management can be maintained is of course by spending less and saving more. It seems easy, huh? Take it easy, here we provide a few steps that you can directly practice so that your financials are more secure and savings are increased:



  • Record the Budget Plan at the Beginning of the Month
    Write the expenditure plan at the beginning of the month. Allocate money in accordance with expenditure items that will indeed be done in one month. For expenditure items according to their needs such as: food costs, housing needs (electricity / water), education fees, transportation costs. Of course you must commit to obeying the budget plan that has been made.
  • Shop in the market and cook yourself
    If you want to reduce meal costs s
  • days, then shop at the market so that the prices obtained can be cheaper and bring supplies from home. You can still eat food in the restaurant, with a note that you must be careful in choosing a restaurant. Try to check several sites like Groupon, Living Social, or OgahRugi to get discount promos at restaurants.
  • Reduce the habit of hanging out
    It is undeniable that one of the demands to follow the current trends in life is the habit of hanging out . You can cut expenses in this area by replacing it by watching television at home, or doing other activities with a lower budget. For example: spend more time at home with family, visit cheap tourist attractions in the area around the house, etc.





  • Set aside not Sisakan
    The main principle in saving is ALWAYS set aside money that will be saved at the beginning of the month. Always set aside a minimum of 10% of your income, if possible more then better. Many people often misunderstand by taking the remaining spending to put in savings. Even if what is saved is residual money, then the savings will not increase. As with those who always set aside, the money saved will usually be more.
  • Create a separate savings account
    Entering money into a savings account is right, but it’s just a lie if you continue to withdraw the money to shop, right? Therefore, separate money for daily expenses with the money you want to save in a separate account. Especially for savings accounts, you can use a special type of savings that can only be withdrawn within certain limits.

Hopefully the way we provide can help you to have a healthier financial condition. Let’s start saving and reduce spending now!


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